Balancing Life and Engineering

Balancing Life and Engineering

Just a tiny little bit about S.R., I had the opportunity of meeting Miss S.R. in college. She has been a very genuine friend and there’s no one else as much of a girlfriend as S.R. is in my world. To me she is a great motivator, she was always one step ahead of me and I just had to follow her footsteps. She does very well with balancing here life, she is very hard working and is a huge competitor in our Civil Engineering industry. Therefore, I have asked her to write a little something about her world to share with you guys and thank goodness she agreed!

I am a full time graduate student working on my Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Water resources. I also work full time as an engineer for an internationally recognized private consulting firms in Orange County. The past few months after graduation were very stressful for me, I deal with stress and anxiety almost every day. Being as busy as I am, I have a lot to juggle when it comes to balancing school work, my job, family, friends and time for myself.

However, it feels like I have started to get my priorities down and I am able to balance my life in the ways that I wish. I’m always on the go attending professional events, volunteering, attending my sister’s softball games, hanging out with my friends and doing what I love most, spending time by myself.

I know it sounds odd but I like to be busy, I feel like I’m doing anything with my life if I don’t feel as if I need to be somewhere. That’s what hit me hard after graduation which was finding a hobby and keeping busy. I believe that’s how I came to decide on graduate school, I thought “well why not add to my list of goals and get a master’s degree”.

Here’s how I’ve been able to keep busy, balanced and motivated these past 9 months after graduation:

  1. I slowly got attached to yoga
  2. I remember in high school when all I dreamt about was becoming a pro beach volleyball player and just making big money playing the sport I loved. But that didn’t happen! Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do full time but it would be nice to be a professional athlete. Anyways, I picked up volleyball again by coaching at a nearby gym and then playing on their drop in volleyball days.

I started to find myself again; with work, school, volleyball and yoga. Through yoga and reading through “YOU ARE A BADASS” I discovered what my career goals are and my own personal goals. I strongly believe in energy–by that I mean if you surround yourself with positive energy then that’s what the universe will bring to you and vice versa. So I strongly believe that in order for you to surround yourself with positive energy you need to know what your passions are and what truly makes you happy. Having your daily/weekly/monthly activity for yourself to discover who you are as a person can help you in developing your life goals and empower you as an individual. Find that work-life balance. I know it’s harder than it sounds but don’t be afraid and go for it.

If you do not know what your passion is make sure to take time a write down a list of hobbies you’re interested in trying. Make your way down that list until you find something that fits with you.

I know, it is tough finding time but MAKE THE TIME! I began to get even more organized when I started to rack up activities on my agenda. I started adding events to my iPhone so I get reminders of where/when I need to be somewhere. I schedule Saturday mornings/Sunday mornings for yoga. I used to go to Mixx Yoga in Newport where they usually have their free “teacher-in-training” classes which is taught by a “teacher-in-training”. I know what you’re thinking, “are they even good?” The answer is yes! Good vibes all the time and it’s to benefit their teaching skills. At the end of the session they ask for your input if you’re willing to share or you can just email them. There is also free yoga at local parks on Sundays. I usually use where it sends me local groups that host/create free yoga sessions or hikes.

It is going to be tough trying to find time so cut out on sleep. I know it’s hard getting up at 8 on the weekends but you have to get up and get out there. It doesn’t have to be at 8am just make use of the hours you have in a day.

Now before I go, I want to emphasize the importance of lists! When you feel overwhelmed jot down everything that is needed by priority and go down your list, not only will the list calms you down it’s always really satisfying crossing out things on the list!

Until next time!


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