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One of my new years goal/resolution this year is to graduate on time. Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to graduate on time due to classes being impacted and not getting the right classes. On top of that engineering classes are quite hard, it is so very easy to slack off during the very last semester and fail a class. So in order for me to graduate in the Spring of 2018 I have to be really careful.

Here is my list to do and hopefully you can use it as your check list if you are in my situation! Or for future references!

  1. Pay for graduation fee, it is due February 9th and it’s $115. I will do this on February 1st when my January 26th pay check comes along. Pay for that registration/tuition fee too, don’t want to be dropped out of classes involuntarily. Do what you have to do, take out a loan, beg someone! I’ve seen people fail to graduated in time because of money.
  2. Get my EIT certification. I have been studying and will try to get it before April so I can bring that to the table when discussing my future with the company.
  3. Keep up a 3.0 average for graduation, It’s going to be challenging semester for me unfortunately, but it won’t be as tough as last semester. I want to focus more on school and my boss has already agreed to this. This semester, there will be a lot of projects to focus on so I will have to start everything early and ask the professor ahead.
  4. Continue going to office hours, getting to know the professor has been a big deal for me because I don’t do well in exams. But I ask the right questions in office hours and the professors keep that in mind when they grade exams. Engineering is a very hard field of study but professors understand that and they are very helpful. DON’T BE INTIMIDATED BY THOSE WITH KNOWLEDGE!
  5. Get really good group partners. I had too many experiences with good and bad group partners and now I know who to choose. So I’ll have to grab them before everyone else does.
  6. Keep in touch with college friends. You’ve heard this before, NETWORK since the engineering/tech community is so small it will not surprise me if my college friends become my contractors, vendors or subcontractors in the future so it’s always good to keep up with the networking.
  7. Maybe go to a few career fairs, I don’t want a new job but I do want to work away for a bit. Maybe an opportunity might pop up for me to work in New Zealand or Japan. That would be awesome!
  8.  Finally, decide whether I want to continue with school for a Master degree or wait until after getting my PE license. I will talk more about why I chose to not continue with grad school in another blog.

To be honest, I don’t look forward to graduating too much. The reality is that once out of school, responsibilities will jump exponentially and the pay of course. But I will be expected to do more of at work, being paid more means more commitment, potential and talent. I do dread it sometimes, but I always remind myself of the exciting challenges I will get to cross when working full time. Fortunately, I get to work with a very talented team of engineers and I am so very excited to work on larger scale projects which will help me achieve the ultimate goal.

To find out more about me and my ULTIMATE GOAL check out my About Me page.  http://womanengineer.com/aboutme/

Is there something I forgot? Leave a comment down below.

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