Woman Engineer – Lifestyle: How To Get Over Someone

The title is “How to get over someone” I won’t tell you how to get over someone but trust me, you’ll feel emotionally renewed after you’ve read some wise words.

You’ve just broken up with that special someone and you’re at the point where it feels like everything is his/her fault. You can’t help that you’re feeling so hurt, you blame your ex. boyfriend/girlfriend for the death of the relationship. Wait! What?? It’s not his/her fault, it’s your fault that the relationship ended? Well, either way, you’re depressed. And you’re now on the internet looking for advice as to how to get over the person that you hate the most at this moment. I was there before but I had a person that guided me through this problem.

When I was working at my very first internship, I met a mentor that I will truly cherish forever. I saw him as a grandfather figure, he always had an answer to my problem. Below are his words about kindness and love that made me realize how emotionally ugly of a person I truly am. I still have trouble with following his words but when I read his words I am able to collect myself and think rationally.

“You should always be grateful for what you have, and for being alive, and be part of this amazing experience called life.
You are not the center of universe, and not everything and everybody is going to do or be the way you like it.
What others do, say, think , or behave is none of your business, and you are not responsible for it.
Only ego-mind judge.
Like everything in universe , your essence is made of kindness and love.
You are not supposed to be kind to others, in order to fulfill a task, or to appease them.
You need to be the  kindness itself, by start being kind to yourself.
Life is a joy.
But the joy is the fruit of  unconditional kindness, especially kindness toward yourself.
Remember that is what you are made of , that is your essence. Eternal love and kindness.
Connect to your real self.
Everything else is creation of ego-mind and is not of any value.
Is just bunch of stuff.
Stuff and other people, or other places are source of, or cause of your happiness.
You are.
Enjoy every bite of your sweet melon , while you are  siting by the beach, feeling the soft breeze of ocean touching your face, listen to sound of seabirds, share yourself, your laughter’s, and your kindness with laughter’s and kindness of people, and playfulness of the kids.
They are not strangers. They are only you.
Connect with the universe around you, which is true you.
Disconnect ego selfish you , which is not you.”


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