Animal Crossing-Pocket Camp Review

Hello All! I’ve been a bit MIA last week, it just wasn’t my week and I just felt like giving up on everything. But I’m back this week and I’ve got something new to show ya’ll!¬†Alright, fine I wasn’t depressed or anything I was just playing ANIMAL CROSSING: Pocket Camp! This game is definitely a huge time waster and a huge time commitment. But I love it and I’ll tell you more about why I love it, why I hate it and why you should play it! Then I’ll share some cool tricks and tools to get yourself started.

Me talking to Stitches!
I mean just look at how cute this character is!

So Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp came out before Thanksgiving here in the United States. It’s a game where player can set up their own camp, decorate it and achieve a lot of accomplishments. It’s very live like, you get to go fishing, pick up fruits, and catch bugs. If your dream is to do something more simple with your life, Pocket Camp will take you back to childhood!

For those that have been playing it since the day it came out last year, please let me know how you like it!

For those that have not started, here is the reason for starting!

The Pros.

1. The characters are awesome in Pocket Camp!

There are these animals (villagers) that Animal Crossing has from its previous games and of course they’re super cute. But after the most recent updates, they have these characters from the “hip” theme. My favorite from the hip theme is Merengue, she’s a hippo and she likes to bake! Hence Merengue. That’s another thing about Pocket Camp, a lot of the names are puns. Like Carrie the Kangaroo is name that way because she “carries” a joey with her! Isn’t that the funniest! Besides some funny and cute character, there is a character named Hopkins. You’ll find that that there’s something weird about him once you see him in the game. You should play this game just to see the villagers interact, it’s super silly.

2. Craft clothing and furniture in Pocket Camp!

So in Pocket Camp, you can craft your own furniture to decorate your camp site. If you’re one of those people that loves to do online shopping but doesn’t have money for it? You should play this game! It’s really satisfying when you purchase a furniture and craft a new dress. My current dress and shows are super cool, not only that they have multi-cultural clothing. Like during the New Year, they had Japanese New Year theme and you could play dress up in a Kimono! This is what I look like at the moment!

You can decorate your camp site however you'd like. You could even turn it into a prison!
My Camp Site!

3. Achievement Satisfaction in Pocket Camp!

Yes, I’m that person that plays for the achievements. If I don’t get any achievement satisfaction out of it I’d quit. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why I played this for 3 whole months. I’m not a big game person, I was done with Pokemon Go the week after it came out. But with Pocket Camp, I’m in love. Whenever I have a minute here and there I’d open it and click away!

Look at that kitchen tho!
I have a freaking pool!

The cons.

1. The only problem is it takes too long to do requests!

So in Pocket Camp, you have to do requests for your animals in order to get “bells” and other crafting materials. Every time I sit down to do the requests, it would take me 15 minutes and requests renews every 2.5 hours. I mean it was fine when I was at home during the holidays but I couldn’t do my requests during the work days and I fell behind all my friends in the game. This was probably the time when I realized I couldn’t catch up and would do requests only 2 times a day and I stopped leveling up. If you have time to fight monsters in Final Fantasy for 3 days straight, I think you’ll have time for this!

Some tips to get you started!

The only tip I can give you is do all the requests! As soon as they come out, do them. This way you’ll level up like crazy. If you’re like me and you have to work during the day, whenever you do requests make sure you catch all those bugs and fishes. Collect all your fruits too. That way when you do requests at lunch time, you won’t have to spend too much time on it! Here’s the place where you can get some REAL good tips.

If you feel like downloading after reading this, here are the links to google play store and apple itunes!

I hope you guys play it!

Until next time!



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  • Oooh, I’ve heard about this! Everyone I follow on Twitter was crazy obsessed with this game (or maybe it was just one person, and they were liking and re-tweeting everything about this game lol). I’ve never played the original Animal Crossing and assumed this was something like that, which is probably why I’m not that interested. I’ve definitely played addicting games before though (throwback to my Candy Crush days) and they are so hard to leave! That’s why I’m leveling back on the games, despite how fun they might be haha!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

  • Oh goodness, I kinda want you to check out this game now though. I wanna see how long you can last playing this without going crazy waiting for this game! It’s so time consuming…

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