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Woman Engineer – Lifestyle: Setting Goals for 2018!

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a really good holiday! Hopefully we all have the mentality of “new year, new you. I sure do and I’m so excited to start this year off with a bang!

There are a lot of things happening with me this year and there is a lot of preparations for those new things.

  • I’m graduating this year! I’m almost done with my Bachelor degree, 1 more semester. All I need to do is pay my fees and make sure I don’t fail any classes.
  • I’m preparing for my graduation trip, I still don’t know where to go yet…
  • Preparing to work full time at an engineering firm and significantly increase my monthly income.
  • Making Womanengineer.com awesome!
  • Start investing

These are the 3 steps I think of when setting new goals. It has helped me through 2017 and I hope that it will help you too!

Setting Goals

But in order for all this to happen the way I want, I have set out some goals for myself. Let’s talk about setting goals.

  • Set achievable goals– Don’t aim for the stars unless you have a good record of high achievement. Whenever I set out of this world goals, I tend to give up pretty quickly.
  • Make the goals specific and measurable– Goals need to be very specific. Don’t set general goals like losing weight. An example would be to set how many you would like to lose. I want to lose 5 pounds. You also need to figure out a way to get there. How will you lose 5 lbs? Where will you exercise? Why do you want to do it? And what is your schedule/plan?
  • Write them down and track your progress– Write down your goals and put them where you will see them. I write it down on a piece of paper and thumb tack it next to my computer so I see it every time when I sit down. It haunts me but the action of crossing it out is sooooo satisfying.

Let me hear about your 2018 goals! There are so many things I can learn from you guys and then put it into my goal list too!

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Packing for Hawaii!

By on November 6, 2017

Hey all!
As I am packing to leave on a trip to Maui, I have made a list that I hope to share to help everyone worry a bit less about packing. I packed a lot on on my Waikiki trip two years ago so this time I know what I’m doing. Here are my essentials for a tropical vacation. I mainly travel with a carry on, I have this fear that I will end up in my destination without clothes and necessities.

Most airlines will allow a 22x14x9 dimension carry on. I know Hawaiian, American and United has this standard. I used this luggage, passes through every time except once coming back from Vegas with JetBlue.

  • Sea Band: This is my life saver. I even wear this on days when I get major headaches and it really helps. I did not have this last time but will definitely carry this along. Here is my story, I was getting morning sickness, even the smell of food made me sick, I was nauseous, I couldn’t even stay in a float on the ocean without hurling everything I had for breakfast. At that point I was already taking multiple NSAIDS and nothing helped. I was like a pregnant woman. So if you’re a person that get sick easily, GET A SEABAND. It’s literally a life saver. It works by concentrating your mind to the mild pain at your wrist rather than the sickness.
    • Amazon Promo Code for 15%: 15SBQ4PK
  • Sunscreen, if there is one you must absolutely have that can’t be found at any convenient stores then pack it. Otherwise you’ll be able to find loads of varieties at convenient stores. I’d buy mine there since I can’t carry anything bigger than 3oz. Make sure you stick it in the fridge for refreshing and less sticky results.
  • Same goes with Aloe gel. No matter how much sunscreen I apply I’ll still peel so aloe is a must for me.
  • All body care essentials. Tooth bush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
  • Skin care is essential. Maybe some make-up, too! Honolulu was a bit humid and sticky for me so I’d recommend something that controls oil. Bring a good face wash. I’ll be bringing my trust worthy FAB facial cleanser and my other “can’t live without” products.

  • All electronics essentials
  • A waterproof phone pouch
  • An underwater camera to capture time at the pool and time in the ocean. I use this one, it’s affordable and you won’t regret it. It’s perfect for the pool and the ocean. If you have the money maybe consider a GoPro!

Now, something that everyone talks about! Clothes!!

  • 1 short dress/romper per day (you can go for 1 pair of shorts and a top a day too). I don’t re-wear because it just feels really sticky the next day. I’ll wear these clothes till I change out for my pjs.
  • 3 maxi dresses for the 5 days that I’m there, for the fancier evenings.
  • 4 pairs of pjs for 4 nights.
  • Since I’ll be coming back to cold weather, I’ll also pack a pair of tights and a warm sweater.
  • 1 swimsuit for each day, this isn’t necessary but I hate putting on wet clothes so it is a must for me.
  • Undies, I usually account for 2 pairs a day.
  • Your most comfy pair of sandals/flipflops. This one is my go to.

  • Maybe gym clothes for fitness reasons. I’m planning on doing morning exercises but it seems so unrealistic.

I am planning on getting some school work done, so I will be packing my school notes and laptop. No books though it seems like my manuals will not be coming with me. It’s just too heavy.

This is all that will be coming with me, from the words of Michael Scott “KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid.” Another thing is I put all my clothes in air tight zipblock bags it really saves space! Let me know if you have something to add!

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Woman Engineer – Lifestyle: How To Get Over Someone

By on November 2, 2017

The title is “How to get over someone” I won’t tell you how to get over someone but trust me, you’ll feel emotionally renewed after you’ve read some wise words.

You’ve just broken up with that special someone and you’re at the point where it feels like everything is his/her fault. You can’t help that you’re feeling so hurt, you blame your ex. boyfriend/girlfriend for the death of the relationship. Wait! What?? It’s not his/her fault, it’s your fault that the relationship ended? Well, either way, you’re depressed. And you’re now on the internet looking for advice as to how to get over the person that you hate the most at this moment. I was there before but I had a person that guided me through this problem.

When I was working at my very first internship, I met a mentor that I will truly cherish forever. I saw him as a grandfather figure, he always had an answer to my problem. Below are his words about kindness and love that made me realize how emotionally ugly of a person I truly am. I still have trouble with following his words but when I read his words I am able to collect myself and think rationally.

“You should always be grateful for what you have, and for being alive, and be part of this amazing experience called life.
You are not the center of universe, and not everything and everybody is going to do or be the way you like it.
What others do, say, think , or behave is none of your business, and you are not responsible for it.
Only ego-mind judge.
Like everything in universe , your essence is made of kindness and love.
You are not supposed to be kind to others, in order to fulfill a task, or to appease them.
You need to be the  kindness itself, by start being kind to yourself.
Life is a joy.
But the joy is the fruit of  unconditional kindness, especially kindness toward yourself.
Remember that is what you are made of , that is your essence. Eternal love and kindness.
Connect to your real self.
Everything else is creation of ego-mind and is not of any value.
Is just bunch of stuff.
Stuff and other people, or other places are source of, or cause of your happiness.
You are.
Enjoy every bite of your sweet melon , while you are  siting by the beach, feeling the soft breeze of ocean touching your face, listen to sound of seabirds, share yourself, your laughter’s, and your kindness with laughter’s and kindness of people, and playfulness of the kids.
They are not strangers. They are only you.
Connect with the universe around you, which is true you.
Disconnect ego selfish you , which is not you.”


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Pregnancy and Abortion

By on October 27, 2017

Recently a classmate has asked me for my opinion on Abortion so I figure I would talk about it here. But before I go on, I would like it to be  clear that these are my opinion. I am in no way pushing my opinions onto you. I simply want to talk about my opinions and your options if you’re expecting the unexpected.

I am anti-abortion but I am also a moderate republican. I didn’t vote in the last presidential election anyway, so I really shouldn’t reveal my political stance.

There is a song that my boyfriend sings really often called, Close To You by the Carpenters. It goes a little like this, “On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true. So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue.” To me, it means that when a baby is conceived, angels specifically come to celebrate and design the baby very specifically to make at least one dream come true. The miracle of birth is so special that every baby deserves a chance to come into this world. Babies are so very precious, their innocence fills (a) heart/s with joy. Ever heard of the phrase, “the good things in life?” I think a baby is truly one of the good things in life. However, not many women my age seems to share the same opinion.

I know we all have our problems. I know your parents would not approve (that is if you had a child out of wedlock), you’re afraid of being judged, you’re afraid of the baggage, you’re afraid of the weight gain, you’re afraid of the pain, you’re afraid your husband doesn’t want a baby, you’re afraid you can’t afford it, you’re afraid of not being able to travel and live your life, you might be a single mom, you’re simply afraid. I understand all this, I too had the same fears. For a long time, I feared these things. I had pregnancy worries because I let these fears get to me. I was so afraid of having a baby. I would tell my boyfriend that abortion was an option, men don’t get a say in whether they want to keep their baby according to Hillary Clinton-equality at its greatest, people! (I could go on an on about sexual equality but this is not the time) However, I learned about so many programs that are non-profit and federally funded that provide for women through pregnancy. One of the program is Planned Parenthood. There is a weird dark cloud over Planned Parenthood (before knowing about this program, I was with the nuns outside the clinics protesting). Okay, it’s not a perfect program, there are some nurses who only gives two options at PP. Keep or Toss-someone once told me after her experience. Toss is such a disgusting word in pregnancy. But from interviews I learned that some nurses provide girls with a lot of options. So please be very careful when going into a place like this. But I beg that you would keep an open mind. Please come into PP for options and help instead of ending things. There are a lot of choices to choose from, girls! It not just about keeping or aborting! There are many couples on endless wait lists for a baby. There are housing programs for single moms, there is a program that will feed your baby till the day he turns 18 years old (food stamps.)

I like to think of pregnancy as breaking a really big bone. It hurts but it will heal! You’ll carry a cast for 9 months, people will open doors for you and help you lift things. It really isn’t a big difference. All you have to do is know your options. The thing about America is that there are passionate people with a lot of money that will do anything for good karma. As for me, I know my parents will be okay. I made a mistake and as parents they would not dare to kick their baby onto the curb at her most vulnerable stage. And if they do which I doubt, the government is always a good fall back. I’ll just have to throw away some pride.

I no long fears pregnancy because I know my options. I live in one of the most advanced countries in the world for goodness sake. Now I don’t want to give up my baby anymore if a seed is planted into me. I know that God wants it that way. If He knew that I wasn’t ready, He would not do it. I know that as soon as I held my baby in my arms, the very first time my baby holds my hand, the moment I can feel him/her kick, the moment he/she becomes a part of me. In our lives, a million things can go wrong, who the hell believes in miracles, right? But a baby is a miracle! Does it not blow your mind that one sperm and one egg and a nature’s incubator created you??? That’s a fucking miracle! Therefore, I beg that if you are in this situation, please give your baby a chance. Wouldn’t you want a chance too? People are always asking for chances but are not willing to give.

Then there is the “what if my life is threatened,” in this situation I believe that it is your choice. So at that  moment when I am threatened with life and death, I’ll flip a coin. If I live, I’ll regret things but if I die I will never see my baby. Either way, it’s bitter as hell. Toss a life for a life, biggest philosophical discussion since the beginning of time. In the case of the Zika Virus, I will keep my baby. What if he’s screaming in my womb saying, “mom give me a chance I’ll live! Just give me chance.” When he comes into the world, he might suffer but if he can live through it he’ll have 2 miracles before reaching adulthood.

This has been too long. There is just too much to talk about when it comes to this topic but I want you to take one thing away from this, YOU HAVE OPTIONS IT IS NEVER BLACK OR WHITE.

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