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Riddle of the Day

By on January 12, 2018

Answer to January 11th, 2018: I am a refrigerator

Riddle of the day: How can a man go without sleep for 365 days in the year?

This riddle is directed towards my favorite person in the world. I hope you get it 🙂

Post your answer below in the comments. Come back tomorrow (January 13th, 2018) to discover the answer!

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Riddle of the Day

By on January 11, 2018

Answer to January 10th, 2018: Anyone will overlook a nose.

Riddle of the day:  I am a room,
but no life lives inside, unless I’m warm,
no matter the heat waves outside or snow storm outside,
very cold my residents reside.
What am I?

Post your answer below. Come back tomorrow (January 12th, 2018) to discover the answer!

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Riddle of the Day

By on January 10, 2018

Answer to January 9th, 2018: I am a secret


Riddle of the day: Engineers are known to be very detailed oriented but there will always be one thing that any engineer or any person will overlook. What is it?

Post your answer below. Come back tomorrow (January 11th, 2018) to discover the answer!

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Woman Engineer – Lifestyle: DONGWHA WHAL MYUNG SKIN ELIXIR

By on January 8, 2018

To be honest, I was sold as soon as this product advertised to be an all in one product. Even though at the time was still fairly new to the market. But it must be worth it due since I was waking up 30 minutes early every morning to do a 10-steps routine, so I practically purchased it on the spot.

Please Click on Image to be redirected to the Whal Myung Skin Elixir Website. 

But I should share the reasons for my quick purchase:

  1. My skin does really well with Korean products, I have combination skin. Oily t-zone and dry basically everywhere.
  2. The price. $58 for an all in one product.
  3. Made by a pharmaceutical company, if people drank the medication they made it’s safe to put on the skin.
  4. Ingredient list was fairly natural.

First impressions:

This product smells amazing, if you like the smell of rice water, it’s definitely for you. It has a cloudy color and almost the consistency of water. I would give it a couple shakes to mix the ingredients, then give myself 3 squirts into the middle of my palm, using my other hand I tap the product evenly all over my face and neck. It goes on very much like a toner but feels more hydrating. It takes a minute or two before seeping into the skin, in between there is an oily feeling almost sticky.  I used this product by itself for a during the hot Southern California summer and then into Southern California winter.


This product is so versatile that my teenage sister uses it, my 50 years old mom uses it and I too use it.


Holy cow, this is officially my favorite product.  I have used half it already throughout these past 3 months. It is so hydrating that during the summer, it is the only product I put on for my face and neck before applying a sleeping mask or sunscreen. (I still use a retinol eye cream of course, I’ve noticed more and more lines under my eyes.)

  1. Controls oil for combination skin. I no longer have to use face blotting sheets throughout the day.
  2. Works well under make up and sunscreen
  3. Works really well for sensitive skin, my neck gets allergic reactions to everything including the coveted Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. But this product did miracles.
  4.  Keeps face hydrated.
  5. Prevents scaling of dead skin near the mouth and forehead.
  6. No breakouts.
  7. Cuts out 20 minutes of my morning 10 steps ritual.


I took it with me to my winter Hawaii trip and it worked so well under make up and sunscreen. However, in California, it gets a bit colder during the winter and my skin started to dry and flake around my mouth when I only used Whal Myung. So I eventually gave up and went back to my multiple steps routine to keep up with my flaky winter skin. But I love it so much and continued to incorporate it into my winter routine.

My winter routine that incorporates Whal Myung Elixir:

  1. Wash face with FAB Cleanser
  2. Use Face Shop exfoliator
  3. Apply by tapping Whal Myung Elixir onto face gently (skip oil, toner, ampoule)
  4. Apply Serum, I use Frudia Promegranate Moisturizer
  5. Apply Moisturizer, I use Clinique Gel Moisturizer
  6. Apply Eye sunscreen and face sunscreen (AM). Apply sleeping mask (PM)





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