Lifestyle: Unconditional Love Achievable?

By on January 26, 2018

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I am very lucky to have parents that love me unconditionally but I bet it’s really hard for them as it is really hard for me to love my boyfriend and my friends unconditionally. That’s why I always wonder, to love someone unconditionally means I would have to forgive my partner with everything, even cheating. Now that’s a little absurd, in our society today that’s called being cucked by your own lover. Achieving unconditional love is so hard,┬áit’s hard with friends, family and romantic relationship. I have the greatest respect for those that can say they have achieved unconditional love but is it really? (I’m always skeptical when a couple tells me this. Parents loving their kids unconditionally, sure but not romantic relationships. Much much harder to achieve.) Anyway, since it is really hard to talk about all three at once, I want to focus on romantic relationships today.

Here are the 8

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