Engineering: Professional Wardrobe

By on February 14, 2018

I am writing this post after a long talk with my office administration manager. In our industry, it’s not uncommon to hear “dress professional”, but it’s also very common to hear “It’s the brain not the clothes” or “I don’t need to dress well, I’m an engineer.” This whole mindset has become more popular especially with the new tech era. Everyone in Silicon Valley comes into work wearing jeans and a t-shirt so it’s catching on to everyone else in the tech field. I mean even Elon Musk’s wardrobe is jeans and t-shirts. BUT, it should be understood that the guys in Silicon Valley dress the way they do because they do not deal with clients face to face. They work from their desk 60 hours a week and deal with clients through email. Of course, these ones most often of the lower hierarchy, they don’t have to deal with important clients.

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Elon Musk Professional Business Wardrobe

What I mean is, do you see Elon Musk talking to his top investors wearing jeans and a t-shirt?

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