The Best Eye Cream with SPF

In your daily skin care routine you use a different product for the eye area and a different product for the entire face right? So why do you use the same sunscreen to protect the areas around the eyes? But let’s be even more honest, do you even put face sunscreen under your eyes? I didn’t even put sunscreen under my eyes because I was a frequent eye rubber and the SENSITIVE sunscreen I use was burning my eyes. However, until 1 year ago I discovered eye sunscreenI think this topic is a bit of a micro topic because you’re thinking I’m being scammed for using under eye sunscreen. Even now I think eye sunscreen is a scam but I think I can justify this little niche of creams. I actually didn’t know about eye sunscreen until one day when I had a passing conversation with my coworker about sunscreen. She said, “don’t forget to use eye sunscreen.” Oh man, was I skeptical about this one.  When I heard about these eye sunscreens, I thought about the anti-wrinkles products that I used and I saw no difference. So I forgot about it for the longest time. Until one day I noticed my under eye skin was getting really thin and I needed to apply sunscreen. But regular sunscreen didn’t cut it and I had to find a special product.

The product that I’m referring to is the Supergoop Eye Cream with Oat Peptides SPF 37. I have always been really worried about my under eye because I kept getting these blisters under my eyes due to sun damage. My favorite sunscreen makes my eyes burn and it doesn’t help that I’m an eye scratcher. I was tired and couldn’t waste anymore time running to the restroom to rinse my eyes anymore! So I just didn’t bother with that area for sun protection anymore. When I bought this problem up with my coworker she told me about eye sunscreen once again. This is when I officially looked into getting one. But I didn’t realize eye sunscreen was so expensive! I could not find a product under $30! Anyway, let’s talk about these products.

The research:

I looked into a lot of different eye sunscreens that were the most popular at Sephora. I got 3 different samples, Supergoop, Shiseido and Origin. The cool thing about eye cream samples is they give you a lot of try. I had enough for 2 weeks with each products and ended with Supergoop. Let’s talk about each product though because what worked for my under eye may not work for you.


This is the product that I’m currently living with, it’s an eye cream with oat peptides that claims to have an advanced anti-aging formulate. It is “Ophthalmologist tested, mineral UV protection reduces wrinkles and diffuses dark circles.”


It came with a steel applicator so it soothes the inflammation in the morning I honestly do not see this happening but the coldness does feel really nice.

Not only that it is hydrating so I don’t have to apply an eye cream in the morning which is another 5 minutes on my routine.

Another really awesome thing about Supergoop! is that it doesn’t leave a white cast even though it is a physical sunscreen.

Easy to blend with concealer

Anti-Aging-meaning it kept my undereyes feeling moisturized throughout the day


Leaves white residue after a few hours.

Can be oily depending on the amount you apply


This product is call A Perfect World’s Age-Defense Eye Cream with SPF 20, as you can tell it doesn’t have a lot of SPF but it’s not like the rest of these other eye sunscreen has a large amount either. Just like the Supergoop! sunscreen, this one also has an advertised ingredient which is white tea. You know me and chemistry, I don’t know anything so I can’t really say how this white tea helps. This product is obviously not my top choice, however it is my second choice and here’s why:


Blends so well into make up

Settles down quickly

Hydrating but still needs to apply eye cream

Smells pleasantly

A lot goes a long way

Does not leave white cast

Works for sensitive skin



Very expensive

Does not feel anti-aging

Chemical sunscreen

Summary: I ended up not choosing this product because I didn’t feel like it was worth its price of $39. The second reason is that I am against chemical sunscreens since my face very sensitive to sun spots. I was still seeing the blisters under my eyes even though I would wear and reapply very frequently. This product didn’t feel like it was giving me the anti-aging feels like the Supergoop! product even though it claims to be anti-aging on the product. At the end of the day my under eyes felts very dry. If you’re looking for this product to just be a sunscreen, for the under eye then it’s definitely be something to consider. However, if you are expecting this product to feed your thirsty under eyes then I would recommend the Supergoop! product. But this one works if you are very sensitive to skin care. I had my mother try this one along with the other two products, this one worked for her.


I am obsessed with Shiseido products, it goes really well with my Asian skin and it’s affordable even though it is a higher end Japanese skin care product. So I was so excited when I learned that they also carry an eye cream sunscreen called Sun Protection Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 34 Sunscreen. Not only that, the price was reasonable for an eye sunscreen. However, just like it’s face sunscreen, this one was very disappointing. I ended up tossing this after just 1 week of usage.


Absorbs quickly

Goes well with undereye concealer

Leaves eyes looking lumious


It burns so definitely not for sensitive under eyes

Not hydrating

Leaves white cast

Not hydrating

Leaves blisters

Chemical Sunscreen

Summary: This product would have beat the Origin product but it burned my under eyes so badly. Maybe my eyes are sensitive to chemical sunscreens. I really wanted to like this one because I’m a huge fan of the Japanese products. Unfortunately, it failed me. Maybe I’ll give it another try one of these days but right now just isn’t the right time.


Anyway, let me know what your guys opinions are on eye sunscreen! Am I getting scammed for using it? Do you use it?



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