20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum Review

20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum Review

Have you ever wanted to like a product so badly? Well that’s what I wanted for this product, Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum has such great claims from their thousands of reviews both on their website and Amazon website. This product was proclaimed to be so good that others have compared it to the Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic which is 6 times more expensive. However, it was not right for me. Unlike the last post where I bragged about the Kiehl’s Creamy Under Eye Treatment. This product is a lot harder to love. Continue reading to see some Negatives, Positives and how to use this one. 

I bought this product in hopes of reducing the look of the fine lines on my neck and forehead. However, like I said earlier the Timesless Vitamin C serum was a huge let down. It did not meet my expectations and to me is an example of “quality over quantity.” Let’s start out with the negatives because the positives will be the cookies to make up for the negatives.


1. Stickiness

It’s freaking sticky as hell! Holy cow, after letting it set in for 15 minutes then layering on other products I can still feel it coming through the moisturizer. For the first week, I could not sleep with it on. Not to say you can’t get over the stickiness because after a week it wasn’t so bad anymore. So I suppose you can get over it quickly but it’s one of the biggest reason for me to stop using it.

2. Changes pH too quickly

It took 1 month for it to turn from a nice clear color to a yellow color. Although the Timelessha website did say that brown/red is the bad color, I decided to stop using it anyway. The color in the picture below is not how this product should be colored. From the reviews I have read about the pH changing, I’m surprise that there are quite a few bad reviews regarding this problem. Here I am, another unsatisfied customer. It could be that I left it open for one day but it really should not be much of a problem right? I do have to put a disclaimer that I bought this through Amazon and it may have been sitting on the self for a while so my 3 months was already up when I got the product. Anyway, in many ways it felt like it was not worth the $25 I spent for it.

3. Little to no improvements

I used it for one months, I was hoping to see the the fine lines on my forehead and neck to appear less noticeable! The website claims that I should see improvements within days, I did not see improvement after 1 month. Although, I do think that 3 months is required for this product to work to its full potential and I would need to apply it day and night (I was only applying it in the night time due to the weird stickiness.) So one thing to consider is purchasing it from the main website instead of a third party seller.

4. Not good for sensitive skin

This product did well for my cheeks but not the neck. I started to develop rashes around my neck so I just stopped using it there. One of the main reason I purchased this product is to help with the fine lines at my neck. So if your skin is sensitive like the skin around my neck, you might want to reconsider this problem.

5. Smells super weird

I can’t tell you how this serum smells like, maybe a little bit like oranges but not really…It smells really artificial for some reason, it smells like a vitamin but like the fish oil vitamins! But I gotta say this one isn’t a big problem either because I take fish oils regularly. However, I could go without it.


1. Not a sun sensitive serum

I hear that these Vitamin C products really make the skin sensitive to the sun but it didn’t make me burn in the sun like some other products. If you are prone to developing little blisters on your face you know what I’m talking about. If you’re the type that needs to apply layers of sunscreen because the serum you’re using makes your skin sensitive to the sun, then I would recommend this product. Given that you don’t develop a skin sensitivity towards it.

2. Don’t need to use a lot

Just a bit goes a really long way with this serum. I really wanted this product to last because it doesn’t take a lot to cover the face’s surface area. But as I mentioned earlier it changes colors way too quickly before I could even make a dent in the bottle.

3. Hydrating

I keep reading that acidity is not a product to use on dry skin; however, this product felt very hydrating! I am terrified of dry skin so I pay a lot of attention to how a product changes the skin’s dryness and I have to say, this one does really well in keeping my skin moisturized.

How to use:

Unlike other serums that I’ve used, this product has a very watery consistency that’s why it comes in a dropper bottle. When the product was still a clear color, I stored this product in the fridge in hopes of extending the life of this product. I also only used this product at night to make sure my skin is not too sensitive to the sun. I used this serum after I apply the Whal Myung Elixir and before I apply a thicker consistency hydrating serum.

Step 1: I squeeze 2-3 drops into my palm

Step 2: Rub 2 palms together to warm up the product

Step 3. Tap lightly onto neck and forehead to allow skin to absorb the product. (My forehead and neck are dry part of my skin, it is not recommended for those with oily skin)

Step 4. Allow 5-15 minutes for absorption


I know I had a lot of bad things to say about this serum but I may have done 1 or 2 things wrong along the way that caused this product to fail. One thing I have to say is, buy this product from the Timeless Website, it may have a longer life. I messed up while using this product so feel free to explore this product on your own, it’s not too expensive so you won’t feel toooo bad tossing away money if it ever lose its acidity. Let me know how it goes! If you have ever had the chance to use the CE Ferulic by Skin Ceuticals let me know how it compares!


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