Tourist in Chicago!

Tourist in Chicago!

Hi all!

I have decided that Saturdays will be committed to adventure blog, so today’s blog is on Chicago!

In the summer of 2016, I followed my boyfriend on his business trip to Chicago. I was more naive back then so I didn’t know what I was going to expect out of Chicago. So the first thing I thought of was to get an attraction pass and do a bike tour. This pretty much filled up my entire 5 days in Chicago. This blog will be very similar to most of the other travel blogs, I’ll lay out my itinerary and rate each place as I go. I have to say Chicago in July is almost perfect. It was not too humid and it only sprinkled once within the 5 days.

Day 1:

I took a night flight out of LAX, landed in O’hare at 6AM, and got myself onto the subway into the city. I got a subway pass at the airport, there’s a bunch of machines just follow the subway signs for it. You can also get your 5 dollars deposit back if you return the card after your trip. It takes about an hour or so to get into the city so I was able to check into the hotel at 7:30AM. I highly recommend staying in a room within the Loop, the atmosphere at the Loop is amazing! Took a nap until 12PM and started exploring the city.

The city!

Okay first off, Chicago is freaking amazing. First thing I did was navigate myself around the city, they have a really good subway system in Chicago. I pretty much took advantage of my subway card and went to China Town. It does get a bit dangerous as I went to the South of Chicago but I didn’t unsafe at all. Then, of course I had to check out their Dimsum House, pretty much walking distance from the subway/metro. The rest of the time getting through Chicago was through Uber. Uber is not bad at all in Chicago, since everything is close together in the Loop the cost of Uber is very doable.


Where to buy all your souvenirs
Chicago’s China Town Entrance


Dimsum Restaurant!

Second thing I did was take the subway to Wrigley Field. There was a tour at the moment of the stadium and I joined them. It would be more fun to be there for a game or even stay at one of the hotels that allows viewing of the ball game. That might be the next thing on the bucket list. There is a bar call Cubby Bear that I wanted to check out but they were not open yet.

Wrigley Field

Third thing from the 1st day was DEEP DISH! We went to Lou Malnati’s. It was amazing, it was like eating lasagna and pizza at the same time. Nothing really compares to it, so it was pretty new to me.

Day 2:

I did a bike tour on the second day and it took up my entire day. I think going on this bike tour is a pretty good place to meet new people, since I was by myself during the day this was a really great way to not get bored.














After the bike tour, I went to enjoy afternoon tea on Adams Street at a place call Russian Tea Time. Of course the place was filled with non working moms at the time but I really enjoyed my tea while reading a book. I liked the tea the most, the scones were okay but the quiche were amazing! I will definitely revisit.

After the food, I took some time to enjoy some shopping on Michigan Avenue on this day. It was really fun seeing all the window displays and I found myself the perfect pair of flats.

At night:

We had amazing food at a Mexican at Xoco on Clark Street. Their churro is a must have! You can pass on the popcorn though.

Navy Pier was next on the agenda. Of course we had to take the Ferris Wheel on the pier. We saw fire works and a lot of drunk people. There is also a green garden there but that’s nothing big to talk about.

Day 3:

Day 3 was more fun. My boyfriend joined me in exploring the city and we got to use our City Attraction Pass Starting from this day. The cost was $90 per person with a coupon.

The first thing on the list was the Shedd Aquarium. The aquarium was huge! I’m pretty sure it’s cooler than the Monterey Aquarium in Northern California. The aquarium was on a freaking hill!

On this night we went to the a restaurant call Signature Room at the 95th, this place is in the John Hancock Center aka 360 Chicago. We made sure we had a reservation and at the window, we even got to check out the bar on the 96th floor while we wait for our window table. I mean this place was so high up, I had to look down to see fireworks!


Day 4:

Day 4 was seeing the John Hancock Center aka Chicago 360. There was a deck where they would allow you to go into a 4 feet wide room and then lowered to 45 degrees so that you could see outside. It was called the TILT at Chicago 360. Afterwards you get a sticker saying, “I tilted.” Possibly one of the scariest height experiences I’ve had, I was so nervous I barely opened my eyes.

Us before getting green on the TILT
I believe this is the North View of Chicago 360. Us before getting green on the TILT

Then we jumped to another tall tower attraction called the Sky Deck, this one is in the Willis Tower. The attraction for this one is standing in small room, everyone who’s has been to Chicago must have taken a picture in this one.

Afterwards was the Field Museum, this one was super awesome. They had a freaking sick dinosaur exhibit while we were there! I highly recommend anyone to check out this museum, I hear they filmed The Relic here.

Then the Art Institute of Chicago, they had very famous art pieces here. Including many of Van Gogh’s work. This wasn’t one of my favorite but if you appreciate art, then this should be at the top of your list. We also visited this one when I was hangry so that didn’t help.

Once that was all over, we went to Millennium Park. This place was legit! There was an outdoor amphitheater, a green house, a rock climbing wall, a green house, Buckingham Fountain, and the Cloud Gate. The Cloud Gate is very famous, so if you want a typical Chicago picture you must come here. We grabbed a hot dog from the cart here and I have to say, that was the best hot dog I had in Chicago.

Cloud Gate aka The Bean

On this night we went to Portillo’s Hot Dogs. This place was huge! Holy moly, and soooo much food. The hot dog was amazing and I have to say only this branch has food as good.  Also, did you know Chicagoan don’t put ketchup on the hot dogs??

Day 5:

This was our very last day, this morning we went to get Shake Shack and checked out some cool sculptures before saying good bye to the city. Right outside our hotel was this cool sculpture, i was really impressed. They had this sculpture in the movie call The Christmas Party.

That concludes it!

I hope that this will help with your planning for Chicago. I love Chicago and I’m sure this is not my last time in this wonderful city! Let me know if you have any questions or need recommendations! I will be happy to help!


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