Travel Blog-Santa Barbara

Travel Blog-Santa Barbara

Last year during spring break, my friend and I made last minute arrangements to have a girls’ trip by  traveling to Santa Barbara County. I’m so very thankful for my friend who was so down, I literally texted her in class one afternoon. Within the next hours we were booking the hotel! Although it was a quick planned trip, we got to fit in a lot of things! Continue reading to see our itinerary in Santa Barbara County. 

Santa Barbara County, California is on the Pacific Coast Highway. This makes Santa Barbara County home to some of the country’s best beaches. The county of Santa Barbara is also very rich in colors, life and wealth. While in Santa Barbara, my friend and I got to experience some of the best that the county had to offer. This includes the beach, the forest and the cultural experience.

We had 2 full days to spend in Santa Barbara so we decided to get a nice hotel right by the beach. We stayed at a cottage like hotel facing the ocean. The hotel we stayed at was called Hotel Milo. The hotel was especially beautiful, the rooms were also very clean and we got to have our own ropes! We ended up paying 260 dollars a night for the hotel room. This hotel offered a lot of activities such as bike riding and wine tasting that we didn’t have time to do. But we did fit in quite a few activities so continue reading and you’ll see what we did!

The Itinerary:

The getaway felt like it went by so quickly but we got to do a lot more things than we thought within these two days.

Day 1:

10 am-Leave for Santa Barbara from Buena Park, California
10:10 am-Stopped at the gas station for lots of chips and gas
10:20 am-Depart gas station to drive up the Pacific Coast High Way
1:00 pm-Arrive in downtown Santa Barbara
Here we got our nails done at a strip mall/shopping center. Then we walked around the downtown area to get my friend a nice swimsuit hoping we would hit the pool later in the day. But we never did get the chance.
2:00 pm-Arrive at Santa Barbara Botanical Garden
1212 Mission Canyon Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
There is a price to get into the door which is $12 but we had our student IDs so it was only $8.
The Botanical Garden was beyond beautiful during the Spring Season, there were wild flowers growing in every single corner of this park. There was even a trail with redwood trees, waterfalls and a cool maze in the middle of the trail. We even saw a turkey! We both packed our cameras also and had a really great time having a photo shoot with all the natural scenery.








3:30 pm-Arrived at Santa Barbara Mission
When we were coming down the hill from the Botanical Garden we saw this mission standing right on the side of the road. It was way too big for us to not stop and see what was going on. When we stopped we realized that this is one of the biggest missions in all of California. The Santa Barbara Mission. We stayed here for a bit and took a bunch of pictures. They had a station of the cross display and we decided to pray for a bit there. It was very relaxing.

4:00 pm-Check in at the Hotel Milo.
We got a bit lost while getting to the hotel (driving past it a couple times) but it gave us a really good chance to get familiar to the surrounding area. When we go there were welcomed with valet drivers and the check in desk was so very helpful.
5:00 pm-Dinner time!
We walked down a small street to reach a local Mexican Food Restaurant call Rudy’s Mexican Restaurant. This restaurant is very familiar to my friend as it is a place that her family would visit every time they make a trip to Santa Barbara.
305 W Montecito St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
It was really yummy. I got a plate with 3 rolled tacos (Taquitos), rice and beans. We ended up being wayyyy too full to hit the pool so we lounge in the hotel for a bit before heading out again.
8:00 pm-Night Life starts at The Red Piano
519 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
We figure we would hit night life to see what was going on in the college town. Unfortunately, the college students at UC Santa Barbara were also on their spring break so the town was really quiet. Even though the streets were quiet, we didn’t feel like we were in danger walking around the area. There were security guarding the clubs every corner and patrol cars. The Red Piano had live music that night and we got some really good conversations in as we talked about our personal life. A nice and quiet booth in the back of the bar.
10:00 pm- EOS Club
500 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
There was a cover charge here of $5, I really was surprised that we were being hit was a cover charge as we were girls. When we hit up this club, it was already really lit. But the music really wasn’t our taste (Latin music.) However, I got a good chance to learn how to dance the salsa which I really did enjoy. There were some pretty sleezy people here though so you’ll have to watch out for that.
12:30 am-We bounced and walked back to our car
1:00 am-We arrived at our hotel and ended our first day

Day 2:

8:00 am-Woke up and got ready

8:30 am-Had complimentary hotel breakfast

9:30 am-Strolled down the beach

11:00 am-Checked out of hotel

1:00 pm-Solvang
We decided that since we had some time left before night fall we would drive an hour up to visit the sleepy town of Solvang. The road to Solvang was really fun since we were going downhill but the trip back from Solvang was uphill and my car had a bit of a hard time climbing it. So make sure to be prepared for your car when taking a certain route to Solvang.
When we arrived in Solvang, we realized that it was a town for older couples who would enjoy a more sleepy town than youngsters like us. We did walk the entire Solvang downtown and saw some really cool stores. One of my favorite was the little cottage on the side of the road. We ended up having some lunch at the town center and a huge ice cream cone to wash it all down.

After our visit to Solvang we headed home. All in all, it was a really fun trip and I hope to do it again soon! It was as fun as it was spontaneous!

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