Lifestyle: Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

Lifestyle: Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is in just one week! Have you made that restaurant reservations yet? What are you doing for that special someone? And if you choose to be with friends and family this day, what will you be doing? So many questions and only so little time. WORRY NOT! I am here to provide some Valentine’s Date Idea to make life just that much easier!

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First off, I want to write to all my single readers! Valentine’s Day is about love, instead of sulking about not having a boy or a girl to love, think about those that love you. Your grandparents, your parents, your friends. Maybe take your grandma/grandpa out on a day, they could be lonely too! Think about the one person that cares for you the most and appreciate the unconditional love that they have for you. It is so hard to receive unconditional love and it is even harder to give. And if all things don’t work out and you still haven’t found that person, please write me. I would love to read your messages and to hear from you!

These are some of the things I’ve done the past few February 14.

Valentine’s Day 2014 (For the first real date)

This was the very first Valentine’s Day that I spent with my boyfriend. We had went on a couple “hang out” before this one but this was our very first real date. We went on a dinner date and dessert after. For our very first real date, we went to have Japanese Ramen. After we had dinner, he took me to a dessert place called, Milk and Honey. They had pretty lights that night and they had an outdoor area covered in lights. He did this thing where he placed his arms around me and I fit right into his chest. It was super romantic. Guys, if you’re trying to impress do this! I was already crushing pretty hard before this date, after this one, I was head over heels and have been since then.

Valentine’s Day 2015 (For those that are going all out this year)

In 2015, we went through our honeymoon phase. Since he started working this year, he had some money to spend. He really went all out this year, with flowers and all. He took me on a nice picnic by the harbor, with a nice light house. I love light houses so it was perfect! Afterwards, he took me to an Italian restaurant (the ones with the 4 courses meal.) Although we both decided that we should never go back there for Valentine’s Day dinner. It was overcrowded and we ended up being less than 2 feet away from the next couple.

Valentine’s Day 2016 (For the last minute ones)

This year we decided not to do anything for Valentine’s Day. Or maybe we did? We had Disneyland passes this year so we might have done something pretty awesome. But in February of this year, we had just gone through a really big fight and took a break from each other after that. So we might have stayed at home for Valentine’s Day 2016. I think we ended up going for dinner last minute and he gave me an adorable Mickey Mouse Jim Shore Collection. (Now I’m obsessed with Jim Shore’s work.)

Valentine’s Day 2017

I honestly cannot recall at the moment what we did for Valentine’s Day last year. Although I will bet that it was pretty awesome.

Here are some typical Valentine’s Day date ideas that you can try,

  1. Treat yourselves to a nice dinner, not everyday you have a reason to go to the most expensive restaurant in town. But to prevent being overcrowded, go to dinner at 5:30 or 6:00 and no later than 6:00. Take each other out on a really nice steak dinner or so. It’s worth it!
  2. Cook a nice at home meal. Buy some really nice high prime meat and cook him/her an awesome dinner. Make some sides too. It’s not really the food, it’s the thought that counts. This is where I learned to cook my steak.
  3. Go on an entire day date! This is one of those walk down memory lane date. Go to all your favorite locations and recount why you liked it in the first place. We used to go to this place with this colorful water fountain at night, maybe we’ll go there this year.
  4. Guys, girls loves brunch! Take her to a nice brunch place. Oh yeah, don’t forget flowers if you’ve got nothing else planned! She loves flowers.
  5. Girls, guys loves it when you do all the work. Maybe make this day about him!
  6. Also, it’s really important to do something new. If your usual weekends are made of going out, then stay in and vice versa.

That’s all I have for now folks. I hope ya’ll got the idea. If you need any help, send me an email! I would love to help, planning dates and meddling in people’s lives is what I do best 🙂



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  • OMG this was so cute! Especially reminiscing your past Valentine’s! I’m single so I really don’t pay much attention to Valentine’s Day, although one year my friend and I did Galentine’s Day and watched Sisters, which was hilarious. I know there can be some stress regarding the day, but for me, I’d be really happy if he just did something thoughtful, doesn’t have to be big or grand gesture like. Like you said, it’s the thought that counts!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

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