What is Maturity?

What is Maturity?

I recently started taking vitamins in order to live up to the “Wise and Graceful by 40” expectation that I have set up for myself. Then something really ironic came up, I’m 22 now and have little to no maturity. Then today, I’m on instagram and I see a post, “10 signs of maturity.” I went down the list and here is what I have to say about it. I have some disagreements but it’s good food for thoughts.

Let’s go one by one down this list and discuss the details of this food for thought list. As you read on, you’ll notice I disagree with quite a few of these thoughts. Maybe that is a sign that I’m not mature. Then again, we all know letting a list define ourselves is anti-Katherine. So we’ll see how this goes!

 Small talks no longer excites you

  • According to google dictionary, small talk is defined as a conversation that does not involve controversial or important topics. I think this one is true to some degree. I find it boring to have small talk with acquaintances/strangers, there is only one reason for a need to talk to strangers and that is to get something out of that conversation. Therefore, I find it useless to make small talks in such situations. However, no matter how much I enjoy making meaningful conversations, I love making small talk with my parents, family and friends. I enjoy a more light-heart conversation that does not include people screaming in my face. To be honest, it is exciting to hear my parents gossip with me. When I was young, my parents didn’t bother to have conversations with me. Nowadays, they have started making these small talks with me and I really enjoy it. With my friends, I enjoy having a delicious meal with them and talk about silly things like arguing about why golden retrievers are smarter than pugs. Of course, the golden retrievers are smarter!

Sleep is better than a Friday night out

  • I don’t think this is a sign of maturity. I think this “sleep is better than going out” is a sign of being OLD. Let’s define my night out first, hitting a bar here, go dancing a bit there, sing my heart out, get a bit drunk there. I love a high-quality Friday night out with my boyfriend and friends. Fridays are the only day I find myself with extra time for my friends. But if I had the chance to go out on a Tuesday night, I would trade that for a Friday night out. It’s just that I live in a college town and college crowds never seemed to be my crowd…I wish I could fit in though, I am one myself after all. I’d trade sleep for a good adventure any day. Sleep is important though, I try to get a good 7-8 hours every night.

 You forgive more

  • This one I agree 100%. But forget and forgive goes with each other. It’s important to forgive a fault and never ever bring it up again. I talked a this one in more detail in an unconditional love blog. It’s important to me that my boyfriend doesn’t have to use the joke, “should I get you a plunger for Christmas.”

You become more open-minded

  • I’m still very closed-minded and I agree with this one wholeheartedly.

You respect differences

  • As far as I can tell, I’m quite respectful. I never judge my homosexual friends but I don’t judge my heterosexual friends either. I could care less about the differences. I’m indifferent to their differences. I think this one is a safe way to show maturity. I agree!

You don’t force love

  • Agree! I’m still not here yet but I think this is a good sign of maturity.

You don’t judge easily

100% a good sign of maturity. My mentor is a great role model for maturity. Given he’s 64. He never judges anyone and he’s awesome that way.

You sometimes prefer to be silent than to engage in a nonsense fight

  • I’ve noticed myself doing this more nowadays but that’s because I don’t have time to engage in nonsense fights. I don’t know if it’s a sign though. I think there are just better things to do.

You accept heartaches

  • This one I agree with. I don’t do it but I agree!

Your happiness don’t depend from people but from your inner self

  • This one is something I know for sure is a sign of maturity. I’m working really hard to achieve this one but I’m not very good at it. An example is, I love playing the blame game.

Do you have any that you feel I should add? Let me know in the discussion below!


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