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The Fluffy Tale of Steve the Squirrel: Trials of Love, Sharks…and Morgan Freeman

Trials of Love: Sharks and Batman

Life is unpredictable. The slightest events in life have the power to change everything. There was a boy named Paul Star. Paul grew up in the suburbs with strict parents. His parents always emphasized that getting rich was the key to happiness. His parents instilled in him that through a good education he will eventually become rich. Even at a young age every day after school Paul was studying, reading, and gaining knowledge to become successful. He would read stories and biographies of great visionaries and business men like Steve Jobs. He loved to watch documentaries and movies too but his parents wouldn’t allow it since it was a “Time Waster”. At school Paul didn’t associate with the other kids much. He was a textbook geek; lanky, smart, and he even wore glasses.

Even though he got good grades and was determined to get rich he always felt out of place. He didn’t have any real hobbies. His parents were so engulfed in trying to get their son rich they didn’t pay attention to his interest. He felt like a chair in a swimming pool, sometimes wondering why he was blindly following his parent’s ideals. It wasn’t until college where we would find himself.

When Paul left for college he didn’t know what to do. It reminded him of his first time going to church, walking in, not knowing what to expect. It was unknown to him. He didn’t make very many friends because he has always been anti-social.

One day riding his bike to class everything would change. Paul was late to class and he rode reckless through campus. Halfway to his class a squirrel jumped out of a bush and reacting fast, Paul swerved into a tree avoiding the squirrel. He fell off his bike and ended up in the dirt. Paul was getting up when a girl walked over to help him. That’s when he met Sarah. Sarah was the polar opposite of Paul. She was brought up in a less strict household. With no rules she loved to adventure and have a good time. When Sarah helped Paul get up from his accident they instantly clicked. Paul asked Sarah if she wanted to grab a cup of coffee and they did.

The thing Paul liked best about Sarah was she opened a whole new world for him. Pretty soon they were traveling and just enjoying life. They would ride bikes together through the town just enjoying each other’s company. Paul being sheltered by his parents never got to experience this. It was ever since that first cup of coffee with Sarah that Paul felt like time was moving so fast. He was enjoying life. He felt like a kid playing in a puddle having so much fun not giving any cares to the world.

Eventually Paul knew that getting rich wasn’t the happiness he needed or even wanted. He found his passion by thinking of the one hobby he liked to do growing up as a kid, plays. Little did Paul know that plays were Sarah’s favorite also and she falls deeper in love with him. He seized this opportunity and asks her to marry him. They end up getting married and do not know what is to become of their lives but as long as they’re together they know everything will be okay. They started their own movie theater known as Stars. A few months after marriage, they find out that a big storm is on the way.

At this point they have no clue what they will do,
they came up with a solution only second before taking action. They run for
their indestructible movie bunker, Star. They grab only a sweater and rush for
safety. When they get there it seems it is packed full of others trying to
survive. They don’t know if there will even be room. The girl remembers about 

the local church so they quickly scram for the church. When  they get
there, to their surprise, there is a large pool like area in the entrance full
of man eating metal sharks with killer lasers on their heads. The squirrel goes
into a trance state and uses his vast amount of knowledge to think up of a way
to get across the pool area. Little did the squirrel know, his 20 years of
parkour would finally pay off. Paul quickly kicked the first shark in the nose
back flipping onto another shark. He grabbed hold of the head of the shark and
used the laser to decimate the pack of sharks.

Paul wondered where the sharks came from since
they were in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska. When Paul looked up he got his
answer. There was a tornado full of sharks or more commonly known by scientists
as a shark-nado. Soon, the streets were being flooded with water from the
ocean. Paul saw little kids playing in the water not knowing a shark-nado was
taking place. He rushed into the church and quickly paid his tribute to God. He
pulled out his Gat and opened fire. Paul quickly got a triple kill. He unlocked
the achievement by killing two sharks with one bullet. Paul ran out of bullets
and three more sharks came in and cornered him. The sharks slowly crept up on Paul and all looked lost. Paul knew what he had to do. Paul force choked one of the sharks and threw him into another one. Paul quickly pulled out his light saber and deflected the incoming laser directly shooting the third shark in the head. Sarah exclaimed “I didn’t know you were jedi master!” Paul quickly said “I have no time to explain get in the batmobile”. Paul knew the only safe place in all of town was the Batcave. When Paul and Sarah arrived at the Batcave they realized that the shark-nado would destroy humanity as they know it. The only solution was to wait it out. Paul made them both a cup of coffee, sat down, took off their watches, and prepared to wait out the storm. After that the Batcave came crumbling down and Paul knew there was only one escape pod. So he had to sacrifice himself  in order to save the love of his life, Sarah. As our story winds down to the end, one must remember that “The wind is rising! We must try to live!” Even when we lose our most loved one we must continue to live. In Paul and Sarah’s case,  anything can happen in life. Maybe destinies are real, maybe they aren’t. But the one thing for sure is if that squirrel didn’t make Paul fall off his bike into a tree he might of never meet Sarah and followed his dreams.

Special thanks to Jesus Velazquez for his Morgan Freeman title.

Credits to Sharknado, The Wind Rises, Friend for the End of the World, and the Office.

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