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My second goal for 2018 is decide where to go for my graduation trip!

I have been putting in $10 a day for the past 2 months and will continue to put money  into this trip for the next 6 months. I will have a $3000 dollars budget for my trip by the time I graduate in May 2018. I’m definitely not aiming for somewhere too fancy since my budget is so small but a nice 2 weeks budget trip will be nice. Below are the places that I want to travel and the cost.

  1. Europe-Unfortunately, I do not have the budget for Europe. I calculated that a 2 weeks trip to Europe will cost around $4000 which is $1000 over my budget. At the same time, traveling alone to Europe will be a bit dangerous. I don’t think I can convince my boyfriend to come with me he has enough to worry about with his vacation hours being limited. And my friends are either in the negatives with their vacation hours or has no interest in Europe.
  2. Japan-I do think Japan is possible for 2 weeks on a $3000 budget. Japan is definitely safe to do on my own. However, I really want to do Japan in 2020 for the summer Olympics and I don’t want to travel to Japan both times during the summer. I hear it’s extremely uncomfortable weather in June, July and August. But if I do plan on going, this would be my budget, in short.
    •  Flight LAX-Tokyo: $900
      – Airbnb 14 nights: $840
      – 14 day Japan Rail Pass: $464 (maybe)
      – other expenses like food, entrance fees, local transportation, souvenirs: $796
  3. Hawaii-2 weeks in Hawaii will be nice and $3000 will be okay. It sounds like a ridiculously small amount for Hawaii but I’ve done 6 days with a $1100. So it’s definitely doable. If you’d like to know how be on a look out for my Waikiki On A Budget blog!
  4. Vietnam-I have been wanting to go back to Vietnam since I left. My family and I made a trip in 2012 to visit my family but that left a huge hole in our travel budget so it will be awhile till the whole family can travel again.
    • Here are some pros and cons to going to Vietnam.
      • My paternal grandmother is getting older, she is 83 this year. I want to see her once more before I regret my existence. If I do a Japan trip, I will definitely stop by Vietnam to see my grandmother.
      • It will definitely be cheaper for me to travel to Vietnam. I would say $3000 is way too much. My neighbors, aunts and uncle will not expect money from me so I don’t have to spend money on gifts.
      • To see my dad’s siblings, the aunts and uncles I miss so dearly.
      • To see my cousins, I have so many cute little cousins and it would be really nice to see them again.
      • See the country side, pick lotus flowers, work in the rice paddies. I miss doing this so much.
      • Eat exotic fruits, one of the biggest things I missed.
      • Attending my childhood friend’s wedding. I grew up with a guy name Quang, he made me cut my wrist on the trees while playing in the forest, I thought I almost died that day.
      • It’s really scary for me to travel to Vietnam by myself. Even though I grew up in Vietnam and is fluent in Vietnamese, there is still a fear in me that I’d get abducted and ransomed. So that’s holding me back a bit but my maternal grandmother goes back and forth pretty often so I might tag along with her.
  5. Taiwan-Taiwan’s landscape is very similar to Vietnam, at the same time it’s home to the original BOBA so I really want to visit the City of Street Foods. I have a couple college friends that wants to travel to Taiwan. They have family members there and it will probably cut a lot of the costs. But the problem is they’re all guys and I feel really uncomfortable traveling with all guys without my boyfriend coming along. So if persuasion works out with my boyfriend, Taiwan would be a choice.

These are my 5 choices, let me know if you guys have any suggestions! I would love to hear it.

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