Your Future Husband/Wife

Recently, I had a conversation with my girlfriend about how we would want our future husbands to be. Unlike me, she is quite experienced with relationships. We came to a conversation that goes something like this, “would you want a husband that does everything or a husband that allows you to learn on your own.” Basically, we were discussing whether we wanted to be dependent or independent in our marriages. My girlfriend is a middle child so she is super independent, so I asked her if she likes one that is independent of her, one that she depends on, or one that allows her to be an independent person. I bet you can guess this one, she liked the one that allows her to learn on her own but stayed with her during the process of her learning to support her. He might not know what she was doing but he was always supportive. Before this she was in a relationship that I thought could be genuinely serious. However, I was surprised of the relationship. I had known her boyfriend prior to their relationship and after a few conversations I had assumed that he wasn’t one to settle down early. Either way, they looked really cute together, she seemed to like him. It also helped that he was  older (may or may not translate to maturity). She said that she could consider marriage with him. So as we were talking about this, I thought about who I would like to be my future husband. A little background about me is that I’m an oldest sister and I’ve played the older sister for as long as I can remember. I already have that responsibility mindset (not that I’m a responsible person) I like to think that I can do things on my own. Little things like bills, basic car features, plumbing, putting together furniture, I can definitely do on my own. So when I think about a future husband, I would want him to be supportive of my decisions, I want him to be as ambitious as I am, he has to be able to keep up with me (physically and mentally), he has to be independent (financially, physically, and mentally), he has to be able to reach and lift things that I cannot, he has to be a loose definition of a man (knows how to spoil his lady once in a while, mow the lawn) and last but not least we have to be able to learn from each other. That’s my perfect guy. It seems like I gave 2 examples of a perfect guy from 2 girls. Good enough sample size right? Anyway, good luck to you all in finding that future husband/wife. It’s not easy, if you think you’ve found that person, grab on tight and don’t let go. Life moves way too quickly to let go of the person you love the most.

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